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Huntland considering sharing law enforcement with county

Posted on Monday, October 9, 2017 at 9:36 pm


Seth Byrd

Huntland City Recorder Doug Porter, (from left), Mayor Dolton Steele and Aldermen Ann Gardner and Troy Gamble discuss the Police Deparment’s status Monday night.

Officers leaving the community in recent years has prompted the city to consider having the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office take over law enforcement operations.

However, the tone changed Monday with a proposal to have Huntland continue on with its Police Department but have more aid coming from the county to fill in gaps.

Board members agreed the cost would be too great to have the Sheriff’s Office take over the brunt of Huntland’s law enforcement duties

Sheriff Tim Fuller told the board he will do everything he can to assist the community moving forward.

The board expressed its appreciation on the help he has provided.

Board members said Huntland could begin to build its Police Department back up, first by hiring a chief and working the way to normal capacity.

Until then, any lapse in coverage would be provided by the county.

Board members said they will consider raising police salaries at the next meeting with an overall budget increase expected in the next fiscal year to cover the costs.

See Friday’s Herald Chronicle for more details.