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Moore Cortner Funeral Home / Franklin Memorial Gardens

When you lose a loved one, choosing a cemetery monument that will
celebrate their life and achievements is important. The professionals from Winchester Monument Company are trained to assist you. There are so many different memorial monument shapes, sizes, and designs, we know the process of making a selection can be a bit daunting. We help to make the process an easier one by walking with you step by step.
Here are a few factors to consider when choosing a cemetery monument:
• Color: One of the first choices you’ll need to make when selecting your loved one’s cemetery monument is what color it should be. For many, this can be a difficult decision, but focusing on colors that suit the personality of your loved one can be a great place to start. Did they have a fiery, passionate soul? If so, red or maroon might suit them best. Or, perhaps they had a favorite color they dressed in each day. Select something that speaks to who they were.
• Shape: Once you’ve settled on the right color, it’s time to consider the shape of the monument. First, select a size that’s suitable for the plot they’re in; this is where the experience with the local cemeteries comes in. When choosing a shape, don’t be afraid to get creative. Did your friend or family member love to read? A monument in the shape of a book could be just the thing to immortalize their memory. If you’re designing a cemetery monument for a child, something that resembles a heart, teddy bear, or other animals might be
• Design: Lastly, you’ll need to select a design and inscription to commemorate your loved one. Again, you’ll be able to get a little creative while choosing the proper text, epitaph, and other artwork you want to be included. Additionally, some people choose to have a favorite photograph of the one they’ve lost laser-printed onto the
surface of the monument. However, when selecting the artwork, it’s important not to get carried away; think less is more to avoid a busy-looking memorial.

Selecting a cemetery monument that will allow you to cherish the memory of the one you’ve lost can be difficult, but the professionals from Winchester Monument are available to help. Contact Scot today at (931) 967-2222 or stop by the office at Moore Cortner Funeral Home.