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Ants in your pants? Call Burl’s

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Carpenter ants or Camponotus, are the antithesis of their human counterparts.

Contrary to human carpenters, these ants destroy wood. In doing so, they cause millions of dollars in damage annually to homes and other structures.

Carpenter ants are very common in forested areas of the world. Although they prefer to make nests in dead, damp wood, they do not actually eat wood like termites.

They’re associated with moisture areas and are the most likely ant species to invade a house.

The typical image of an ant line carrying laying siege to a discarded bread crumbs does not conjure an image of carpenter ants but rather their distant cousin the little black ant, known by their scientific name as Monomorium  Minimum.

Carpenter ants live indoors and outdoors. They’ve also been known to create large underground tunnel systems while searching for food.

They are usually black or red in color and are relatively large. Some reach up to an inch in length.

These ants will often find homes in hollow sections of trees and are commonly associated with areas that have moisture problems. This is why older dwellings can be prone to carpenter ant infestations.

The best way to deal with these ants is to eliminate as much moisture in your area as possible. Colonies can be eliminated simply by disposing of infested wood.

If you have detected carpenter ants on your property or in your house, call Burl’s Termite and Pest Control for assistance in dealing with the miniature menace.