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Board discusses issues with water bill adjustments

Posted on Saturday, February 15, 2014 at 3:41 pm

During the Decherd Board’s water and sewer meeting Monday, the aldermen addressed concerns surrounding water and sewer adjustments and agreed only bills totaling $50 more than the monthly average will get breaks.

It was mentioned that at January’s meeting, a suggestion had been made to allow one water and sewer adjustment a year per physical address.

Mayor Robin Smith stated he felt that this would be fair to the residents who live in Decherd but also own a business or rental property.

However, City Administrator Mike Foster mentioned to the board that the city has around 1,500 water customers, and sometimes a few take advantage of the system, requesting an adjustment even if their bill is just $5 or $10 more than what it’d normally be.

Water Superintendent Wesley Parks agreed with Foster and said the water clerks hear a lot of requests for water adjustments that aren’t high bills.

A motion was made by Roy Partin that water or sewer bills be at least $50 more than the customer’s 90-day average bill before an adjustment is made and that one adjustment be made per physical address each year. The board unanimously approved this motion.

Foster later gave an example that if a customer’s normal bill is $50, but they receive a bill for $100, they could make a request for an adjustment. He added that it’s still mandatory that the customer prove he or she had a leak or problem that caused the higher bill and indicate that repairs have since been made.