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Botox for Dentistry

Unrelenting pain in the mouth or face is a frequent complaint in a pain management office. Paradoxically, very few are equipped to treat it effectively. The most common cause is usually some kind of dental problem and is therefore easily treatable.
To say that Botox is a popular esthetic treatment is a vast understatement.
Over 21 years have passed since the introductions of botulinum toxin A injections (Botox) which have been used for the unsightly frown lines between the eyes and smoothing of facial wrinkles.
After over 21 years around 7%-8% of dentists and growing in North
America is now providing Botox treatments to patients for cosmetic treatment, there are other innovative uses being found for Botox in dentistry.
Most dentists are not aware of the substantial benefits that Botox has as an adjunctive therapy in dental and cosmetic treatment. Botox has useful clinical uses as an adjunct in TMJ and bruxism cases, even more so for patients with moderate chronicle temporomandibular joint and facial pain.
Botox is a muscle relaxer and when given in typically half the dosage used for facial wrinkle smoothing treatment, it can greatly reduce the intensity of the muscle contractions that contribute to TMJ and facial pain and give the patient significant relief. We have all had TMJ patients that have gotten the bruxism appliances have done full mouth reconstructions, and we are still at wit’s end at trying to find the right answer that will help them with their facial pain. Botox can play a very important role in reducing or eliminating their facial pain.
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