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Check for ticks

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We are solidly in the throes of summer and with that comes a host of pesky summer insects. Ticks are a common summer insect and can be found in woodland areas, tall grass, bushes, and trails with lots of vegetation from early spring through September. With the myriad of summer activities in Tennessee, you should be mindful about.

Ticks and mosquitoes are now out in force and looking for food. The meal of choice for both is blood, creating opportunities to spread a variety of serious illnesses such as Zika Virus Disease and Rocky Mountain spotted fever as they move from one bite victim to another.

Keeping grass trimmed and plants cropped around homes are good practices to prevent ticks. Wearing long sleeves and long pants, using Food and Drug Administration-approved insect repellents and treating clothing with permethrin can help prevent tick and mosquito bites.

Give us a call today, to see what the best treatment for these pesky summer insects is.