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County Commission to consider Farmers Market pavilion grant

Posted on Friday, June 13, 2014 at 4:58 am

Franklin County government is acquiring a state grant to go toward providing a pavilion for the Farmer’s Market that has been operating on school system property at Dinah Shore Boulevard.

The County Commission is expected to vote to officially accept the grant, provided through the Tennessee Department of Agriculture, when it meets Monday at 7 p.m. at the Courthouse.

The pavilion, which does not have its location determined, is expected to cost about $84,320.

The Tennessee Department of Agriculture Enhancement Program capital development grant will provide $42,159 and requires the county to match those funds.

On June 3, the county’s Finance Committee approved a resolution to request matching funds and agreed to send it to the full county commission to consider with a stipulation that the pavilion not be built on school system property, as requested by Dr. Rebecca Sharber, director of schools.

Although the pavilion’s location has not been determined, John Ferrell, Farmer’s Market manager, said other locations, aside from the school property, are being considered.

If the County Commission approves the request for matching funds, the Farmer’s Market must find a permanent home for the pavilion and complete the project by June 2015 or risk losing the grant funding.

In other business, the commission is not expected to pass the country’s 2014-15 budget until just before September 30 when the fiscal year ends.

A resolution to adopt a continuing budget and tax rate is to be considered and will likely be approved, allowing more time for commissioners to work on upcoming financial issues.

If passed, the resolution will hold the amounts set out in the 2013-14 appropriation resolution until a new 2014-15 appropriation resolution is adopted.

Other items on the agenda include amendments to the highway fund budget and the school system’s budget, approval of contracted services and a resolution repealing post-employment medical insurance benefits for employees hired after July 1.