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County officials, residents participate in 24-hour Cold Water Challenge

Posted on Tuesday, March 25, 2014 at 10:33 am

Among thousands to participate in the effort to help Grundy County girl


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The effort to raise donations to help little Madi Rogers receive a service dog has went viral and has even caused quite a stir in Franklin County.

Madi is toddler from Grundy County who suffers from seizures related to juvenile diabetes.

As a way to see to it that Madi gets the service dog she needs, a challenge was started called the Madi Rogers 24-hour Cold Water Challenge.

Though this challenge originated in Grundy County, people from all across Tennessee and beyond have joined in. The challenge basically involves encouraging others to take a leap into cold water or otherwise making them “pay up,” by providing a $50 donation.

Hundreds of Franklin County residents, as well as business and community leaders have accepted the challenge, and countless videos of individuals jumping into pools or Tims Ford Lake have been popping up all over Facebook in the past week.

Franklin County Mayor Richard Stewart and Franklin County Sheriff Tim Fuller have been among those to accept the challenge. They, along with several others, could be seen taking the plunge at the Winchester Swimplex’s outside pool on Thursday afternoon.

“I am honored that I was challenged to participate in the 24-hour Cold Water Challenge for Madi Rogers,” Mayor Stewart said. “I would take a cold water plunge everyday if need be to help Madi or any child in need.

“I am so proud seeing our community come together to support those in need, not only in Franklin County, but also our neighboring communities. I truly believe in the power of people working together.”

The sheriff said he enjoyed the challenge, and he too has been happy to see everyone come together in support of little Madi.

“I’ve been pleased with the turnout, and compared to all those who’ve participated, our contribution only makes up a small portion,” Fuller said. “This effort has went viral and I’m pleased to have been able to participate.”

But not only have members of the Franklin County government and the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office been involved, school administrators, students, local police and fire departments, churches, Franklin County E-911 and local Emergency Medical Service personnel have accepted the challenge and helped to raise money for Madi’s service dog.

“It’s been a really great thing,” Fuller said regarding the community’s involvement.

Thanks to the thousands of people who heard about this challenge and decided to donate, Madi will surely be getting her service dog soon.

Madi’s service dog will aid in alerting her caregivers when her blood sugar has dropped to low or risen too high. The dog will also alert whenever Madi is having a seizure.

For anyone has been challenged but is still confused about what the 24-hour Cold Water Challenge, it’s easy to participate.

According to the Facebook page set up for Madi’s cause, whenever someone is challenged he or she then has 24 hours to jump into cold water. Whether this a lake, pond or even just being sprayed with a water hose, that’s left up to the person challenged. After taking the plunge, so to speak, the individual is asked to give a donation to the Rogers family to help in raising funds for Madi’s diabetic alert dog.

Donations can be deposited into Madi’s savings account at Citizens Tri County Bank or mailed to the Rogers family at P.O. Box 464, Greutli-Laager, TN 37339.


About Team Archer


Just like the 24-hour Cold Water Challenge for little Madi, there’s also been an effort started on Facebook to help out a young Franklin County boy fighting cancer.

Archer Bolle is a four-year-old from Estill Springs who was recently diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma, more specifically Diffuse Large B-cell Lymphoma, in January 2013.

According to the Go Fund Me page set up by his aunt Ziea Clark, Archer is the “sweetest, most caring little guy you could ever imagine.”

Clark asks that anyone who can, please support Archer and his family.

“[This diagnosis] has drastically changed his world,” Clark said. “His parents Allen and Zana are both hard working loving people who would do anything for anyone and now it’s time for us to do the same for them.

“They are both missing a lot of work and the hospital were he is receiving his treatment is an hour and a half away. His treatment is in-patient, which means he has to stay in the hospital for a full week each round and then goes home for two weeks and so on for 14 weeks.”

Archer had to be hospitalized six days after his first round of chemotherapy for severely low blood counts, and it’s likely this will be a recurring problem.

But in spite of everything, Archer is staying positive.

“He has been so strong and so brave, he is an inspiration to me,” Clark said. “Let’s all pull together and help this family that I and many others love so much.”

To donate to Archer’s cause, go to and search “Team Archer.”

Checking the mail is one of Archer’s favorite things to do, so everyone is also encouraged to send cards, gas card or other small gifts by mail to 103 McKinney St., Estill Springs, TN 37330.