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Dad forces son to run to school in rain as punishment for bullying other students

Posted on Thursday, March 8, 2018 at 8:32 am

(FOX News)
A Virginia father posted a Facebook video that he says shows his 10-year-old son running to school in the rain as a form of punishment for bullying in school and being banned from the school bus.

Bryan Thornhill said his technique is working. He said his son was “out of his mind” last week and — since the punnishment — has not gotten into trouble.

“This right here is called parenting,” he said.

Thornhill said it is important for kids to be held accountable for their actions. He said his son ran a mile to school for one week and  joked that he kept a pretty good pace, running six-minute miles.

The video was posted on March 1 and has since been viewed millions of times.

“Teach your kids,” Thornhill, who filmed the runs from inside his truck, said. “Don’t be a friend, be a parent. That’s what children need these days.”