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Dare to Live without Limits – Unattained Goals – Editorial by Bryan Golden

Posted on Monday, January 1, 2018 at 9:09 am

Too many people who actually set goals often fail to attain them.  In this column, I will identify some of the predominant reasons this happens.  Recognizing the pitfalls of goal achievement enables you to chart a successful course to realizing your dreams.

You don’t believe it’s possible to attain your goal.  If you don’t believe you can do it, you won’t.  Your brain is programmed by your thoughts.  When you instruct your mind that your goal is impossible, you will not reach it.  You must first believe you can and will achieve your goal before you can do so.

You don’t believe you deserve your goal.  Your mind subconsciously sabotages attaining anything you feel is not deserved.  Any guilt about being successful causes this derailing.  Fears of success include the possibility of being criticized, ostracized, or ridiculed by those who have not attained the same goal.  You must believe you do deserve your goal before you can achieve it.

You listen to naysayers.  These negative people always have a litany of reasons you can’t or won’t succeed.  They share their opinions with conviction.  Listening to them is discouraging, filling you with doubt.  If you believe their drivel, you’ll abandon your goal.

You have a goal that is not yours.  Setting a goal based on someone else’s expectations sabotages success from the outset.  It’s impossible to be passionate about a goal you didn’t pick.  Even if you do achieve a goal imposed by someone else, it brings little, if any satisfaction.  Your goal must be your own.

You have a goal with no perceived value.  When this is case, there is no incentive for the goal’s accomplishment.  It’s impossible to motivate yourself to work toward an objective with no benefits.  This issue is often linked to a goal which is not yours.  Pick a goal that has clear value to you.

You don’t have a plan to accomplish your goal.  A goal without a plan is just a wish.  Hoping to reach a goal without a plan is pointless.  You must have a step by step plan detailing what needs to be done to attain your goal.  Each step must also be small enough to be manageable.

You don’t take action.  Without action, nothing happens.  You can have a burning desire along with a detailed plan, but unless you take action nothing will be accomplished.  Successfully reaching your goal requires consistently taking one step after another until you arrive at your destination.

You are not productive.  Productivity is taking action which brings you closer to your goal.  Activity is being busy without making forward progress or being involved in activities not goal related.  Keep track of the progress made towards your goal.  Eliminate unproductive activities.

You give up.  Setbacks are a normal part of reaching a goal.  Failure is guaranteed only when you give up.  Get right back up whenever you stumble and fall.  Learn from mistakes.  Make adjustments as needed.  Determination and persistence is essential for success.

You don’t apply enough effort.  A halfhearted try isn’t effective.  Anything worthwhile takes effort.  Without sufficient effort, you will give up at the first obstacle.  Rather than trying to accomplish a goal, make a commitment to yourself that you will do whatever it takes to reach your destination.

You tackle too many goals at once.  Working on too many objectives simultaneously dilutes your effectiveness.  Although having many goals is good, you need to prioritize the order in which you will accomplish them.  Working on too much at once reduces your productivity.

You can accomplish your goals.  Avoid these pitfalls.  Identify your goals, formulate a plan, and then take action.  Drive, discipline, and determination are important keys to your success.

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