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Do you have bone resorption?


Although bone is known to be the strongest tissue in your body, it can also be very fragile. The mandible or jaw bone can be easily damaged and the consequences can make your life much more complicated than you may imagine.

Even living with missing teeth can put at risk for bone resorption.

Bone resorption is a process involving the breakdown of bone by specialized cells known as osteoclasts. It occurs on a continual level inside the body, with the broken down bone being replaced by new bone growth.

Dental diseases can significantly accelerate the process of resorption. Gum disease is often the initial cause of accelerated bone resorption and tooth loss.

After time, the remaining bone will continue to resorb because it lacks the stimulation that would have been provided by the natural teeth. Dentures can restore your ability to chew but they cannot help to stimulate the bone.

The bone needs to stimulate to stay healthy; implementing a plan with your dentist is the best route to fix this problem.

At Winchester Family Dentistry we work with a wide variety of either implants or teeth that are used like implants to transfer stimulating stress to the bones.

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