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Old Jail Museum

Tourism-Old Jail Museum


Two blocks east of historic Winchester town square is the Old Jail Museum. When a new modern jail was built, it was decided that the old one was too special to tear down, so it is now used to house Indian artifacts, Civil War memorabilia, Winchester native Dinah Shore memorabilia, and other items of historical interest. Built in 1897, it served as a jail until 1972. A cell has been left in all its austerity as a reminder that being in jail was no laughing matter in the earlier days of our county’s history. Also on display are handcuffs, leg irons, keys, and other hardware used by Franklin County Sheriffs that operated the jail.

The Old Jail Museum is open for tours from mid-March until mid-November. It’s a great way to spend a leisurely afternoon. 931-967-0524