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Fall weather honey-do’s

Fall is the perfect time to get your home in shape before winter. As
you prepare for festivities you will enjoy the season change, it’s
important to also prepare your home to save money and eliminate
stress during the colder months that follow.
You most likely will not be using your lawn mower as it gets colder.
In order to make sure your lawn mower is ready for use after fall and winter, you can increase its life by adding fuel stabilizer to its gas tank before stowing it away.
You don’t want to have a situation where your pipes burst, so ensuring that they are safe from water buildup is a must. Detach garden hoses from outdoor faucets and turn off shutoff valves to
eliminate leaks.
Sprinkler systems can be the cause of costly repairs if not maintained properly during the colder months. Turn off water and air out the irrigation lines through the system’s main valves. You can also hire a professional.
One of the cheapest and most important things you can do to prepare your home for colder weather is to seal the cracks on the exterior to prevent cold air and moisture from getting inside your walls. One of the beautiful things about fall can also be the most detrimental things to the value of your home. Clogged rain gutters, due to fallen leaves, twigs, and gunk can result in poor drainage.