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FCHS students study alternative energy

Posted on Thursday, April 3, 2014 at 3:01 pm

The National Defense Cadet Corps cadets at Franklin County High School recently expanded their energy education knowledge.

Staff with Elk River Public Utility District recently visited the high school, bringing along with them the utility’s special vehicles that are powered by Compressed Natural Gas or CNG.

Don Keele and Lavoid Baltimore, marketing representatives with ERPUD, told the students about the future of CNG and its application as an alternative energy source for transportation. In their presentation, they explained the advantages of alternative fuel on the environment and the economic advantages of natural gas as compared to petroleum and coal.

The cadets were also able to get a firsthand view of ERPUD’s two CNG powered vehicles, a CNG Honda Civic and a Ford F-150 pickup truck, both of which run on natural gas provided by a single pump in the back of the ERPUD office. They were informed on how the CNG vehicles work and are serviced and had the opportunity to ask questions about the cars and alternative fuels.ERPUD alternative energy pic

Keele and Baltimore commented that the use of CNG powered vehicles is becoming a popular way to get around in many parts of the country and they would like to see more people in Tennessee and locally getting onboard.

Chief Everett Smith, who teaches the NDCC class at FCHS, thanked Keele and Baltimore for taking time to visit and speak with his students.

“Mr. Keele and Baltimore provided a great presentation that touched on some noteworthy aspects of converting to CNG useage versus regular gasoline,” he said.

Smith added his students thoroughly enjoyed getting to see the cars and learning about CNG.

“I am always impressed with cadet’s eagerness to explore future energy technologies,” he said.

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