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Grant Funeral Services


Our purpose as Funeral Directors is to teach the value of each individual element of the ceremony. During the arrangement conference, we have the opportunity to educate families about what each element involves, why each is meaningful and how they help mourners begin their grief journeys.
We, as Funeral Directors, hold the keys to the future of
funeral services. For families in need, we stand at the gate
that can lead them to death ceremonies that are meaning and healing. For funeral services as a whole, we stand at the gate that can lead to a rewarding future for funeral homes in general. We need to be strong, visionary gatekeepers. Always, remembering the profound purposes of funerals, helping families to acknowledge the reality of the death, recalling the person who died, embracing support from others, expressing their many thoughts and feeling, finding meaning in life and death and ultimately transcending their grief. This ultimately begins the healing process.

At Grant Funeral Services, we strive to make our families arrangement experience one that they can feel comfortable at and leave knowing they have made all of the right decisions. Pre-arrangements help to alleviate a lot of questions for the family left behind. Just knowing that they are doing what their loved one wanted is a huge burden that they do not have to deal with.