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‘MASH’ unit helps Franklin County dogs

Posted on Friday, May 9, 2014 at 8:34 am

MASH may have been a popular 1970s television show about personnel in the Korean War, but the word has taken on new meaning on the local home front with a moveable surgical hospital to help man’s best friend.

MASH originally stood for “Moveable Army Surgical Hospital.” In the modern sense, in this case, it’s “Mobile Animal Surgical Hospital.”

The MASH unit is owned and operated by Dr. Paul Newman, a City of Franklin veterinarian who was making the rounds on his Middle Tennessee itinerary that included Midtown Veterinarian Clinic in Winchester.

Newman has been serving middle Tennessee since 2003, specializing in orthopedic, soft tissue and neurological surgery

His trip, from the City of Franklin, where his operation is based, to Franklin County was for a boxer dog named “Bo.”
Bo has suffered from a torn or ruptured interior cruciate ligament. After the surgery, he is expected to be back running and playing within 10 weeks.
Ruptures of the cranial cruciate ligament are one of the most common orthopedic injuries in a dog. It is a major cause of knee joint arthritis.

Large breed dogs like Bo (a boxer) develop these issues at an early age. It is compared to an athlete with a torn ACL, an acronym for anterior cruciate ligament.
Newman has done more than 700 of the crucial ligament, or tightrope surgeries as they are often referred to.

IMG_1107Newman, with 33 years experience, has been providing mobile veterinary surgical services to more than 35 veterinarian clinics in Middle Tennessee since 2003.
He has also owned and operated six vet hospitals and two kennels in California.

Boxers like Bo are notorious for having very slow insidious cruciate tears.

“It will begin with a limp.” Newman said. “It is very important to notice these changes in your dog it will help in the early stages to diagnose and get the ligament repaired for better outcomes with the surgery.”