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Mice Weather we’re Having

Mice are considered some of the most troublesome creatures in the United States today. The reason why they are considered as such is simply that one of these creatures comes into a household; they will completely take over and destroy the house over a small period of time.
Mice will contaminate any food that is used for both humans
and pets. Cleanliness, keeping food out of reach for mice and opened gaps and openings are the three main infestation reasons.
The common house mouse is able to survive in the smallest places within any home, even without access to a large amount of food. While cleanliness will rarely help to combat a serious mouse infestation, it can help prevent an infestation from occurring in the first place.

Storing food improperly is another way to find yourself with an infestation of house mice. To combat this problem make sure any opened food is in sealed and closed containers and avoid leaving food items out where mice can reach it.
Mice tend to inhabit the area outside your home. Having any gaps or opening is an easy way for mice to enter your home and begin to infest it. Seal off any openings that you may find by using metal scouring pads more than quarter inch long.
At Burl’s Termite and Pest Control we offer pest control for mice and other household insects that commonly infest properties in our region. Give us a call today!