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Natural Toothpaste Alternatives

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Most of us use toothpaste because it tastes good, it’s convenient and, frankly, we’re terrified we will be left toothless if we ditch the stuff.

But given that we brush our teeth up to 1,000 times a year, shouldn’t we take a closer look at the products we use? It turns out that most store bought toothpaste contains a number of worrying ingredients and can cause more than its fair share of unpleasant side effects. Like most commercial health and beauty products on the market, toothpaste has been industrialized over the years.

Some of the potential allergens and toxins commonly found in commercial toothpaste are titanium dioxide, glycerin, sodium lauryl sulfate and artificial sweeteners.  Many people can use these with no problems but sensitive individuals or those looking for more natural home-made remedies have great options to try from toothpaste companies or they can make their own at home!

Titanium dioxide is potentially carcinogenic and can cause toxic damage in the cells of the body. Sodium lauryl sulfate is also a strong chemical surfactant that doesn’t belong in your body and can lead to an inflammatory reaction and sloughing of gum tissue.  Artificial sweeteners can have their own problems as well.

One option for cleaning teeth is sea salt. Simply dab your toothbrush in sea salt and brush away as usual! If you aren’t prone to getting cavities and don’t eat refined starches and sugars that may be all the cleaning you need.  For the rest of us though we need some more “umph” to our teeth cleaning regimen.  There are many natural toothpaste alternatives that can be used for your oral health and can be healthier for your body both from major manufacturers like Colgate, Crest, Arm and Hammer and Sensodyne, as well as preservative free options like Tom’s of Maine or herbal options from Doterra and others.

You can also make a very effective tooth paste at home.  Some of the best ingredients for making your own toothpaste are baking soda, kaolin powder, peppermint oil and clove oil, simply put it all together and mix to a paste.  There are many different recipes online and flavor combinations that can be tried.

If you would like to know more give us a call at Winchester Family Dentistry for more ideas on natural toothpaste alternatives. Let’s do better for our oral hygiene and our bodies’ well-being.