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Outpacing the norm

Posted on Tuesday, April 1, 2014 at 3:10 pm


Evan Harris



Tri-Lakes CrossFit, located in Decherd, is anything but your average gym.

Certified CrossFit trainers Chad Garrett and Kelly Lewis are breaking what is considered “the norm” of working out and getting people in shape.

Starting with the desire to get fit, Garrett and Lewis began CrossFit training with just a few friends and family members a couple of years ago. After becoming certified, and running a class at a local gym, the business duo decided to branch off and get a location.

In August of 2013, with just 25 members, Tri-Lakes CrossFit was officially born and deemed an official CrossFit affiliate. Within just the short time since the workout facility has opened, it’s grown to over 80 members and continually sees interest.

The CrossFit craze has boomed in recent years, adding over 2,000 affiliates in the year 2013.

With a unique angle at getting fit, there is no wonder why business is booming. At Tri-Lakes CrossFit, athletes are not just renting equipment; they are receiving one-on-one personal training.

“We’re here working with you individually to make sure you can do it safely, correctly, and you get the most out of it,” Garrett said of the program.

Each day’s workout is set up by the coaches to challenge and test the body in several different ways.

The support doesn’t just stop at the coaches, however, but continues throughout the entire community of athletes in each class. The program entails daily workouts designed by the coaches that are constantly changing.

“We’re not about bulking up, adding weigh or necessarily losing weight,” Garrett said.

Now this might seem a little strange coming from a trainer. To further his point Garrett explained, “We want people to throw their scales away.”

Another great thing about the program is that the available coaches can scale every workout to each person skill level. Garrett even ventured to say that nearly 50 percent of the current members joined though they had previously not been working out anywhere.

As far as an age range goes Lewis said anyone from a 20-year-old college student, to a 65-year-old grandparent can do it.

If interested in Tri-Lakes CrossFit they are locates at 1403 West Market Street in Decherd.