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Preventing bacteria with EvoraPro

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After more than 30 years of research, the founders of ProBiora Health have discovered a blend of three probiotic strains that promotes overall tooth health.

At Winchester Family Dentistry we are utilizing this new advancement in fighting decay.

Starting our patients on a regimen of EvoraPro after their regular prophylaxis, EvoraPro contacts saliva in the oral cavity, the freeze dried probiotics activate and attach themselves to teeth and to gum tissue, establishing colonies of live, active bacteria both on the surface of the teeth and beneath the gum line.

For best results, patients should take one EvoraPro oral probiotic tablet daily after their regular oral care routine, ideally waiting 30 minutes after oral rinsing.

EvoraPro will not harm tooth enamel, dental work or dentures. It naturally supports gum and tooth health, freshens breath and whitens teeth.

To learn more about how to jumpstart your oral health with EvoraPro, call Winchester Family Dentistry today and make an appointment.