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Primary elections to be held Tuesday

Posted on Friday, May 2, 2014 at 5:02 am

Months of campaigning will come to a head Tuesday when Franklin County voters decide who will move on from Republican and Democratic primary races to be on the Aug. 7 general election ballot.

The big contest will be for county mayor to decide who will go head-to-head on Aug. 7 with Democratic incumbent Richard Stewart who is unchallenged in the primary.Vote Badges

The Republican ballot involves a three-way race with Bill Green, Mike Hart and Wayne Hart vying to move on face Stewart in August.

Incumbent Sheriff Tim Fuller, a Democrat, is unchallenged in the primary as is Mike Foster on the Republican side. Foster is Decherd city administrator and had been sheriff before Fuller had been elected to office.

With no challengers in the primary and no prominent write-in campaigns being launched, Fuller and Foster are destined to be vying against each other once again in August.

Voters, for the first time in four years, are going to decide who their county commissioners will be.

No commission candidates are being challenged on the Democratic side.

On the Republican side, incumbent John Page is being challenged by Lisa D. Mason and Daniel J. Sidley for the District 2, Seat A position.

Don Cofer, a former county commissioner, and A.J. Ladd are vying for the open District 8, Seat A position being vacated by Bub Wilkinson who did not seek re-election.

Aside from those races, some candidates who are unchallenged now will be facing competition in August.

Incumbent Democrat Sue Hill, County Commission District 1, Seat B, will be challenged on Aug. 7 by Republican Iris Rudder.

Incumbent Democrat Stanley Bean, commission District 2, Seat B, will be challenged by Carolyn Montoye on Aug. 7.

Incumbent Democrat Scottie Riddle, District 3, Seat B, will be challenged in August by Dale Schultz.

Incumbent Democrat Eddie Clark, District 4, Seat A, will be challenged on Aug. 7 by Caitlyn M. Calloway.

Incumbent Democrat Charles “Chuck” Stines, District 4, Seat B, will be challenged on Aug. 7 by Bruce Shaw.

Incumbent Democrat Barbara Finney, District 6, Seat A, will be challenged on Aug. 7 by Jimmy E. Hargrove.

Incumbent Republican Tony DeMatteo, unchallenged in the District 8, Seat B primary, will face opposition on Aug. 7 from Kenneth Dale Amacher.

Democrat Steve Blount, unchallenged for the Circuit Court Judge 12th Judicial District Part III, will be facing Justin C. Angel, unchallenged on the Republican side, on Aug. 7.

Incumbent Register of Deeds Lydia Curtis Johnson is being challenged in the Democratic primary by James R. Cantrell, a current county commissioner who opted to run for the different office.

In another challenged race in the Democratic primary, Wade Hill and Tommy Pendergraff are running for the open 4th road commissioner, Districts 6 & 8 position.

Jim Hill and Mark A. Vanzant are vying in the Democratic primary for the constable District 1 position.

Republican Ben Smith is unchallenged on the Republican side. The Hill-Vanzant winner will face him on the Aug. 7 ballot.

On the Republican side, Joshua V. Brannan and Charles Keller will be battling it out in the primary for the constable District 4 position.

Republicans David “Dave” Everett and Jim Wimley are vying for the constable District 8 position. The victor will face Democrat Mark A. Bassett, who is unchallenged on the Democratic side, on Aug. 7.

Unchallenged candidates, who will essentially be elected to their positions because they have no opposition in August, are:

  • · Democrat Thomas W. “Rusty” Graham for Circuit Court Judge 12th Judicial District Part I.
  • · Democrat J. Curtis Smith, Circuit Court judge, 12th Judicial District Part II.
  • · Democrat Jeffrey F. Stewart, chancellor, 12th Judicial District.
  • · Democrat Mike Taylor, District attorney general, 12th Judicial District.
  • · Democrat Jeff Harmon, public defender, 12th Judicial District.
  • · Republican Dave Van Buskirk, county commissioner, District 3, Seat A. The position is being vacated by Cantrell.
  • · Democrat Johnny R. Hughes, county commissioner, District 5, Seat A.
  • · Democrat Helen F. Stapleton, county commissioner, District 5, Seat B.
  • · Democrat Jeffrey A. Sons, county commissioner, District 6, Seat B.
  • · Democrat David Eldridge Jr., county commissioner, District 7, Seat A.
  • · Democrat Angie P. Fuller, county commissioner, District 7, Seat B.
  • · Democrat Randy Kelly, county trustee.
  • · Democrat Thomas C. Faris, general sessions judge.
  • · Democrat Robert Baggett, Circuit Court clerk.
  • · Democrat Phillip Custer, county clerk.
  • · Democrat Joe David McBee, first road commissioner, Districts 1 & 5.
  • · Democrat Chuck Tipps, second road commissioner, Districts 2 & 7.
  • · Democrat Bobby Clark, third road commissioner, Districts 3 & 4.
  • · Democrat Kenneth Bishop, constable District 3.
  • · Democrat Sandy K. Gilliam, constable District 5.
  • · Democrat Rudy McConnell Sr., constable District 6.

· Democrat Don “Peanut” Coulson Jr., constable District 7.