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Restore your teeth like new

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ACTIVA BioACTIVE-RESTORATIVE is a highly esthetic, bioactive composite that
delivers all the advantages of glass ionomers in a strong, resilient, resin
matrix that will not chip or crumble.

It chemically bonds and seals teeth against bacterial leakage. It also
continuously diffuses calcium, phosphate and fluoride ions providing
long-term benefits for patients.

The material mimics natural teeth, and is tough as well as resilient like
dentin and enamel.

ACTIVA BioACTIVE has three key components: patented bioactive ionic resin,
patented rubberized resin, and bioactive ionomer glass.

The ionic resin facilitates very high release and recharge of calcium,
phosphate, and fluoride ions. It responds to demineralization cycles with
release of ions, and integrates and chemically bond to teeth.

Rubberized resin is tough but not brittle to absorb stress and shock. It is
extremely durable and wear resistant. The resin facilitates the ion
diffusion from the resin and glass ionomer.

Bioactive ionomer glass seals and bonds to the teeth to prevent sensitivity.

Traditional dental materials are designed to be passive and do no harm.
BioACTIVE materials are the future. They provide long-term benefits,
exhibit “smart behavior,” react to changes in the oral environment, and
play a dynamic role in the mouth.

These materials mimic nature. They contain water, interact with saliva and
tooth structure, release and uptake calcium, phosphate and fluoride ions
and react to pH changes.

ACTIVA participates with teeth and saliva in continuous ionic exchange. It
responds to the mouth’s natural pH and demineralization cycles with the
release and uptake of calcium, phosphate and fluoride ions. This process is
considered “smart” behavior.

This Pulpdent product is approved by the FDA. The term bioactive refers to
the beneficial ion release from the resin and glass fillers into the
surrounding oral environment.

Garrett Orr D.D.S. offers ACTIVA BioACTIVE as a solution for recurring
cavities to heal them from the inside and out. For teeth restoration needs
visit Winchester Family Dentistry.