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Special event set to aid Baby Max’ recovery

Posted on Friday, August 8, 2014 at 10:41 am

Toddler Garrett Maxwell Redwine has faced an uphill battle with brain cancer, and friends, family and area residents will have an opportunity Saturday to help him combat the disease during a special event.

Baby MaxThe gathering, simply called “Max’s Celebration,” will be held at the Red Roof Pavilion at Winchester City Park, 1562 Phillip Fulmer Parkway, from 4 p.m. to 9 p.m.

The event will include barbeque, live music, infl atable bounce houses for kids, games, a raffle and a small fi reworks show for whomever would like to join.

Garrett Maxwell Redwine was born Oct. 05, 2012, and was diagnosed at three months old with a stage three brain tumor.

His mother, Terry Redwine, explained what Max and the family have had to endure.

Ms. Redwine said that for as long as she can remember, her calling in life was to be a mother.

“There was talk from doctors as a young woman that I may never get to fulfill that dream,” she said. “So when we found out I was expecting at 30, It was emotional and I was over the moon. I had the most delightful pregnancy.”

To say the least, when Baby Max was born, it was quite a life-changing experience.

“We were so proud,” Ms. Redwine said. “He was healthy and perfect, or so we thought.”

However, Ms. Redwine’s most extraordinary moment was crippled an hour later by a most horrifying word that was a catalyst for worse things to come.

“Our world came to a screeching halt,” she said. “We saw the left side of his face drop, followed by a deafening cry that is burned in our memory forever; later to be known as stridor.”

Ms. Redwine said the circumstances were terrifying and the initial diagnosis would later lead to discovering the brain tumor.

“I thought he was dying,” she said. “The room suddenly filled with a swarm of doctors; each one trying to fi gure out what was happening to our son and no one telling us a thing.

“All I heard was Bell’s palsy bouncing off tongues as my husband, Jake, accompanied Max as they all rushed him downstairs. All I could do was lie there and wait; for what I was afraid to know.”

Baby Max was transported to Monroe Carell Jr. Children’s Hospital at Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville. Jake spent the next two days running back and forth between hospitals.

“He was so great,” Ms. Redwine said, referring to her husband who has since passed away. “He was doing whatever he could to be there for Max and myself.”

Baby Max had complete left facial nerve palsy and a paralyzed left vocal cord (stridor.)

“The flood of emotions almost brought me to my knees,” Ms. Redwine said.

Medical tests showed a mass in the lower left quadrant of his brain, which was later confirmed to be a hematoma (a bleeding condition).

“We spent the first 20 days in the (intensive care unit) with the hope it would absorb itself,” Ms. Redwine said. “After 20 days he was doing so well, they released us to go home.”

At 3 months old, the Redwines brought Baby Max for his next magnetic resonance imaging scan and left so excited and extremely thankful that there was a signifi cant change in size.

The hematoma was indeed absorbing itself and was almost gone.

“Leaving the hospital that day, Baby Max even left with his head held high, swaying back and forth in his Dadda’s arms,” Ms. Redwine said.

Baby Max had his retraction surgery on March 26 and a shunt placed on April 2.

However, his battle with brain cancer continues.

Ms. Redwine said she appreciates all that has been done to support Baby Max’ recovery.

“Thank you all for following along with us in our journey to Max’s recovery and for all the support and prayers,” she said.