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SRO tactical training geared to improve safety

Posted on Friday, August 1, 2014 at 5:23 am

A vacant Monteagle cabin and Franklin County High and Broadview schools don’t ordinarily have much in common, but this past week they did when they played host to law enforcement authorities honing their tactical skills.

Franklin County school resource officers conducted training as a refresher on controlling situations, self-defense and gun control.

Sheriff Tim Fuller summed up what the military type maneuvers were all about.tactical training

“These officers are in charge of protecting our kids, they need to be prepared for anything and everything,” he said.

Franklin County Sheriffs Department school resource officers are required each year to conduct at least 40 hours of instruction designed for any law enforcement officer who is working in an educational environment and school administrators. Time is spent discussing the roles and responsibilities of a school based police officer and integrating that officer into his or her school community.

“Resource officers are required to have 40 hours of training each year, this year Franklin County SRO’s have an added 40 hours of tactical weapon training,” Fuller said.

The role of “informal counselor or problem solver” is probably one of the most important roles the school resource officer will assume for their school.

Fuller said the officers went through multiple scenarios through the week to prepare them for any possible situation.

School safety focuses on the SRO’s role as both a resource provider and law enforcement officer.

This includes maintaining a safe school environment and a broad discussion on topics related to school safety including handling assaults, theft, burglary, bomb threats, weapons, alcohol and drug incidents.