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Toxic Trash in Your Colon

Did you know the average American may be carrying as much as
10-25 pounds of impacted fecal matter in their colon? And that is
someone of normal weight with no known allergies! These toxins
wedged in the digestive tract are absorbed by the bloodstream, resulting in the body’s inability to metabolize food properly or to provide vital energy for living.

Think you’re in the clear? There is a surprisingly wide range of
health problems that colon toxicity contributes to, many that a
lot of us experience every day. These include bloating, constipation, gas, fatigue, food cravings, hypoglycemia, allergies, arthritis and difficult weight loss, among many others. As you may have
been trying to cure or treat these symptoms individually, it’s important to recognize and cure the root cause.

At Shull Chiropractic we offer Gran-Sure, a top of the line colon health product that bids the finest natural fiber for regularity — 100 percent psyllium husk powder, sodium free with no sugar or
sugar substitutes.

Gran-Sure Colon Health may be your remedy to sluggish colon and diarrhea. The sum of the whole matter is…….toxic trash stored in your colon can be hazardous to your health and Colon Health can
help with eliminating it.

Some customers have said: “I didn’t believe what this Gran-Sure president, Don Leidigh, was telling at the Clarksville Market. But, after I decided to give it a try, in a just a few days, I believed it all.
What I saw in the stool convinced me. In just one month, my front bulge went down four inches.”

Take matters into your own hands with your colon health. Call us today and schedule an appointment to talk about Gran-Sure