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Turner’s seek help to find engagement ring

Posted on Friday, May 30, 2014 at 10:55 am

The community’s help is needed to locate an engagement ring that was lost on graduation night, last Thursday, May 22, in the Franklin County High School parking lot. This ring is very special to the young couple planning to exchange wedding vows on Oct. 4.Lionel and Jill Turner and family

When mutual friends of Jill Turner and Lionel Turner of Athens, Ala., introduced them four years ago, they must have been fairly certain their similarities would break the ice. They had the same last name, though were not related in any way and they both had a set of twins from a previous marriage.

Not only were these coincidences helpful in making conversation, but 34-year-old Jill and 37-year-old Lionel say they fell in love at fi rst sight, before the fi rst words were even exchanged on May 5, 2010. Lionel finally proposed to Jill on Valentine’s Day this year.

It was something they will always remember. Jill received surprises all day at work. Flowers, candy, balloons and a teddy bear from Lionel were delivered at 10 a.m. that Valentine’s Day. At 3 p.m. a delivery of Sherrie Berries arrived by UPS. Jill’s heart was melting by then, but the big surprise was yet to come.

“At 4 p.m. I had a Willie Nelson look alike come in singing, ‘You are always on my Mind,’ then Lionel comes in and proposed to me in front of all my co-workers and a lobby full of customers on that Friday afternoon.”

The Turners are certain it is a match that was meant to be, so Jill didn’t hesitate to accept the proposal. Lionel put the ring on her finger and it stayed there until graduation night last week. Jill and Lionel were in town to watch Jill’s daughter, Alexandria graduate. She explains the course of events.

“We was running late and I was putting lotion on in my car on the way there, so I took my ring off and had it in my lap and when we pulled up, being over-excited, I jumped out and completely forgot my ring and in the parking lot it went.”

It wasn’t until after graduation that Jill noticed her ring was gone.

They searched and searched, but have had no luck so far. They are hoping someone may have picked the ring up and want to return it.

“I am brokenhearted and would do anything to find out who has it and offer a reward,” Jill said.

Lionel added, “One bad thing is the ring still has a balance owed on it, so we will not be able to afford another one.”

If you have found a ring, please call Jill at 256-614-3622 or email her at