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War on police? Dallas cop is 24th officer killed this year in the line of duty

Posted on Thursday, April 26, 2018 at 8:21 am

(CBS News)

Dallas officer Rogelio Santander, a three-year veteran of the Dallas Police Department, was one of two officers shot Tuesday at a Home Depot. When the 27-year-oldĀ died Wednesday morning, he became the 24th officer killed this year in the line of duty.

A total of 24 officers have been gunned down in 2018 in the line of duty. At this time last year, 14 had died. The rising toll has some who wear the badge feeling like they’re wearing a target.

The shooting happened almost two years after five police officers were killed in an ambush-style attack in downtown Dallas.

On Tuesday night, Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings questioned the community’s relationship with his department.

“I am continued to be upset at the lack of respect of our police, in this city, in our country,” Rawlings said.

He later explained his comments on Wednesday, saying “Whether It’s the media or talking to young people, police are here to be disregarded day in and day out.”

Rawlings says without that, it will be harder to recruit good officers like Santander and Almeida.

“I see these officers, two officers been on the force for three year, those are the type we need more and more.”