Artist Pat Rollie's art exhibit features over 20 quilts of various designs at the Tullahoma Art Center through July 27. The artist combines both paint-based art and fabric art techniques. At right is Rollie’s “Begonias” and at left is her “Between Parent and Child” design.

Artist Pat Rollie has a new exhibit, “The Art of the Quilt” featuring more than 20 quilts of various sizes and designs at the Tullahoma Art Center located at 401 South Jackson St. in Tullahoma.

Rollie’s exhibit is on display in the upstairs TAC gallery through July 27.

Her exhibit features artwork representative of her passion for quilting, which began in 1980 when she enrolled in a local quilting class.

At that time, quilting was still of a more traditional nature, made up of mainly calico fabrics with little variety in the way of color or fabric choices. Quilts in those days were also made with traditional patterns like those seen on your grandmother’s quilts.

Rollie, a multi-talented artist, began experimenting with her skills as a watercolor artist about 15 years ago, combining both the paint-based art and the fabric art techniques such as applique to begin her journey as a quilt artist.

“I’m excited that the art of quilting has evolved over the years,” Rollie said. “I still love and make traditional quilts, and the wide range of quilting techniques opens the art form to a wider audience.”

She says this particular type of quilting needs to continue to be passed down to younger generations.

“I hope to inspire younger folks to embrace the art of quilting,” Rollie said.

This exhibit also includes a collection titled, “Between Parent and Child.” The collection tells the story of the bonds created between parents and children using animals from the animal kingdom as subjects.

The artist’s love of nature is reflected in many of her quilts. According to Rollie, she looks for subject matter that creates an opportunity to use thread and quilting designs to create texture, depth and contour.

Some of the skills on display include applique, painting with dyes and free-motion thread design.

Rollie lives in Tullahoma and is a member of the TAC.

The exhibit is available for viewing from noon to 5 p.m. on Fridays and 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturdays. For more information, visit www.tullahomaartcenter.com.