I believe all of us can vouch for the fact that stress affects our lives and our health.

Our lifestyles are fast-paced and full of a long list of things that we have to do at home to take care of our families and then perform well at our jobs and professions.

If that is not enough, many of us are facing problems such as family illnesses, financial burdens, and the list goes on. If we don’t take care of our bodies properly, stress can take a very negative effect on our bodies and cause adrenal fatigue.

There are various symptoms of adrenal fatigue.

Some include sleepiness for several hours after rising, unclear thinking and lack of energy in the afternoon, food cravings, mild depression, inability to handle stress, feeling lightheaded when rising from sitting or laying down, inability to lose weight, weakness of the muscles, sleeplessness, etc.

These symptoms make it difficult to enjoy life and can escalate into more serious health conditions if not dealt with.

Chiropractic is an excellent natural health care approach to protect your body from the effects of stress and adrenal fatigue. A complete patient exam will help me detect if adrenal fatigue is present.

From this point, I would recommend the proper course of treatment through chiropractic care and nutritional/wellness counseling.

A couple of high quality nutritional supplements that I commonly recommend to my patients are called “Stress & Adrenal Support” and “DC Adrenal”. I carry both products at my clinic.

For more information, call Dr. Kurt A. Shull at Shull Chiropractic Clinic, PLLC at 931-967-4232.

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