So, I get a lot of questions in regard to cremation and the cemetery. These questions arise from the fact that a lot of people don’t realize all of the options that we offer at Franklin Memorial Gardens.

Some may think that because my loved one chose to be cremated that there are fewer options at the cemetery. In fact, The opposite is true.

Individuals have more options than those that choose a traditional casket burial. I will list some of the options at the cemetery.

Mausoleum – We have some that choose to purchase a single crypt in our mausoleum. This is the large building that sets in the middle of the cemetery. It is an above-ground option that will allow several urns to be placed in a single crypt.

Community Columbarium – We have spaces available in our community columbarium. The columbarium has individual niches that the urn slides into and is sealed. It also allows for a bronze plate to be affixed to the front door of the niche.

Cremation Monument – We now provide a monument that allow urns to be placed inside of cavities in the monument or bench. This is a way that those that choose cremation can still have a traditional headstone while having an above ground option for the Urn.

Traditional Burial – Families can choose to bury the earn in a traditional grave space and have a traditional monument.

Family Columbarium – Families can choose to purchase a family columbarium that has individual niches for each family members urn. This allows for the family to have a “family plot” at the cemetery.

As you can see, there are many options that families have when choosing cremation. Please feel free to call me anytime to discuss these options

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