A funeral celebrant is a qualified person that officiates funeral services by planning and overseeing funeral proceedings. Funeral celebrants conduct non-religious, semi-religious and spiritual funeral services. Many celebrants aim for the funeral services to be a “celebration of life” that honors the person’s memory.

Celebrants take the time to learn about your loved one and will weave their life story into a unique end of life ceremony. Many funeral celebrants have been drawn to this work by a strong realization that every life has meaning and deserves to be celebrated and celebrated well. Nothing can take the pain away of grief, but a genuine, well prepared tribute may ease the pain.

Funeral celebrants design and officiate at personalized end of life ceremonies for funerals, memorials or celebration of life events, graveside tributes or a scattering of ashes. The celebrant focuses completely on the families wishes for the ceremony.

You should expect to experience a meaningful and memorable ceremony that honors your loved one and aligns with your preferences and beliefs. Funeral celebrants serve secular, religious, spiritual, interfaith, atheist and agnostic families as well as those clients who simply wish to express themselves in a manner of their own choosing.

Celebrants are the go-to option for people looking to create ceremonies of substance and meaning. 

Some questions are hard to ask, during a time of grief. Give me a call today so I can help you prepare.