Daniel Owens

The Motlow State Adult College Express program might be the solution for adults who are at a crossroads for their future because of the COVID-19 crisis.

A college degree gives a competitive advantage in the job market and provides the skills and knowledge valued by employers.

“Attending Motlow improved my life and my family’s life,” said Daniel Owens, Motlow ACE graduate. “When I decided to go to college, I knew it would be a tough decision because of family and work demands. Luckily, Motlow offers Adult College Express. It's perfect for working adults.  It complemented my schedule and allowed me to take on the challenge of college.”

The ACE program is an adult-centered cohort-based program. Cohort refers to adults who begin the program together and support each other throughout the path to earn an Associate of Science in general studies or an Associate of Applied Science in business office or entrepreneurship. ACE features flexible class options. Degree completion is possible in 24 months.

Advantages of the Motlow ACE program include:

  • Convenient schedule
  • Learning support classes available
  • Serves as a support group
  • Helps build a professional network
  • Focus on one class at a time

ACE encourages the development of study groups to help reinforce learning. Motlow ACE cohort students are more successful in retention, graduation, and four-year institution transfer than non-cohort-based students. The ACE Program is an accelerated program intended for highly motivated, independent learners. Contact ACE today at ace@mscc.edu.