Department of Health

Franklin County has now had 149 total fatalities from COVID-19 with three new deaths in the area listed in the Tennessee Department of Health’s latest report.

The Department of Health shifted from reporting daily COVID updates to weekly updates at the start of 2022 with the latest report being listed for this past Saturday, though it was not posted on the TDH website until Wednesday.

The county has now had 9,917 total confirmed coronavirus cases with 8,654 of those cases listed as recovered or inactive, according to the latest data released by the TDH. As a result, there were 1,114 active COVID-19 cases in the county at the time of the report.

The number of active cases easily set a new record for the county as the Omicron variant continues to spread throughout the country.

The total number of confirmed deaths from the disease in Tennessee, listed by the Tennessee Department of Health, was at 16, 417 with another 5,278 probable deaths listed.

The Department of Health has been keeping daily statistics with 1,276,986 confirmed cases statewide and another 376,158 probable cases as of the latest report.

Statewide coronavirus records are also broken down into age categories.

The age group with the highest number is the 21-30 year bracket with 299,351 confirmed coronavirus cases.

Tennesseans age 31-40 are next in line with 264,068, followed by the 41-50 age bracket with 236,859.

Next in order is the 11-20 age group with 234,729 cases, followed by the 51-60 age group with 213,722, the 61-70 age division with 146,996, infants to 10-year-olds with 135,435 cases, ages 71-80 with 81,998 and seniors older than 80 with 38,458 cases.

The Department of Health lists 1,528 pending cases not linked to age groups.

In addition to Franklin County, there have been 13,255 coronavirus cases reported in Coffee County, 7,934 in Lincoln County, 11,551 in Bedford, 6,895 in Marion, 3,288 in Grundy and 1,769 in Moore.

Nationwide, 67,903,759 had contracted coronavirus with 853,230 succumbing to the disease, according to statistics the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention had released on Thursday.