School Board sign

With classes in progress and only one of Franklin County’s 11 campuses requiring coronavirus masks, School Board Member Sara Liechty has questioned whether they should be mandatory system-wide.

Liechty told the board Monday that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has highly recommended masks because their use has displayed a downward trend in spreading the virus.

She asked whether it would be feasible to require students and school system personnel to wear them.

Director of Schools Stanley Bean said students have a tendency to take them off anyway, there have been other issues in using them and requiring them could at times be disruptive.

At present, Sewanee Elementary is the only school in the system requiring coronavirus masks.

Liechty said Coffee County has had two schools closed due to the coronavirus, and Tullahoma has gone to a staggered schedule because of increased COVID-19 concerns.

She said having to make such adjustments is “disruptive” anyway.

Board Member Linda Jones said she could see issues with getting small children to wear masks.

Liechty said in cases like that maybe there could be barriers put up to ensure proper social distancing.