Iris Rudder headshot

Recently, my colleagues and I gathered for an extraordinary session in the House chamber to swear in our new speaker and my friend, Cameron Sexton.

During his speech to members, Speaker Sexton shared several examples within our proud Tennessee history of citizens answering the call to serve.

These include the 30,000 Tennesseans who answered the call during the War of 1812, or those who gave their lives at the Alamo for the independence of Texas.

The speaker also talked about the ideas and needs of the 65,000 Tennesseans who have bestowed great trust in each one of us.

After all, it is our responsibility to leave our communities and Tennessee in better shape than when we first arrived.

For us to accomplish this goal, we will all need to work together, and I agree with Speaker Sexton that we must respect each other and communicate effectively.

This will allow us to build upon our many recent successes, including record job growth, historically low unemployment, being the state with the least amount of debt, and being the most fiscally responsible state.

While we won’t always agree on solutions or the pathway to achieve our shared visions for this state — great schools for all of our children, continuing to attract high-quality jobs, reliable infrastructure that meets present-day demands, or cutting-edge healthcare — we can achieve successful outcomes and better address these issues through partnership and respect.

I am excited about the future of our community and state during this new era of leadership under Speaker Cameron Sexton.

I know together, the entire House will continue answering the call to serve the citizens of our state so that Tennessee remains a national leader. 

Iris Rudder represents House District 39. She is the vice-chair of the Government Operations Committee. She also serves on the House Judiciary Committee, the Education Committee, the Children and Families Subcommittee, the House K-12 Subcommittee, and the Education, Health and General Welfare Subcommittee of the Joint Government Operations Committee.