Pam Cobb

Pam Cobb displays the unique helium balloon that made its way from Murfreesboro to her Broadview area backyard.

A helium birthday balloon released recently by a 5-year-old in Murfressboro traveled about 60 miles before landing in a Broadview area backyard, stirring interest in the anomaly.

Pam Cobb, who lives in the Broadview area, noticed the balloon in her backyard. She was surprised to find a note attached to it with a name and phone number, asking to please call if the balloon were found.

The balloon was released on May 19 from Murfreesboro by Milo Woodyard, who was celebrating his fifth birthday and wanted to let the balloon go to see how far it would travel.

It took about 20 hours for the balloon to travel from Murfreesboro to the Broadview area when Cobb noticed it in her backyard.

Milo was excited to hear how far it had traveled in such a short time, according to family members.