Broadview Elementary School Principal Sandy Schultz invites everyone to the school’s 70-year anniversary event to celebrate 70 years of educating Franklin County students.

An open house will be held Sunday from 2-4 p.m. at the school, located at 4980 Lynchburg Road in Winchester.

“We would love to see all of you who have former and present ties to Broadview School, coaches, teachers, employees, parents, volunteers and anyone else who would like to stop by and spend some time with us,” Schultz said.

She also asks that anyone with photos, history or stories from their time at Broadview share them with others at the event.

“We will copy any documents or pictures and return them to you,” Schultz said. “If you drop them by the school, we will copy and return them right then.”

Schultz asks everyone to label and provide names on pictures and stories whenever possible.

“If you were in any of the plays that Broadview put on and have a story to share, basketball memories, school memories, letters you would like to send, please email them to me at,” she said. “I would love to have some community history of Broadview School. We are excited about the open house and are looking forward to seeing our former and present students and friends.”

About Broadview Elementary 

Broadview School was first established in 1949.  The original building consisted of four classrooms, a gymnasium and a kitchen. 

Classrooms consisted of grades first through eighth.  Leading the opening of Broadview Elementary was S.O. Henley, principal and the first boys’ basketball coach.

From 1950 to 1968, Raymond Yates served as principal.  During this time, the Broadview community grew due to the development of Tims Ford Lake.  Likewise, Broadview Elementary followed this growth pattern with the development of grades first through sixth.  The seventh and eighth grades were moved to the new junior high schools. 

The first expansion project to Broadview School was from 1984 to 1985.  The addition included six classrooms and two adjoining offices in the front of the school. 

The second expansion project was from 1997 to 1998.  This addition included 13 classrooms and a new gymnasium. 

Broadview School has been led by many outstanding principals, including Flora Westbrook, Mike Foreman and Peggy Soderbom, all of whom were instrumental in the current prosperity of the institution. 

 From the fall of 1998 to the present, Schultz has been leading Broadview into the next millennium.  During this time, Broadview has added one Pre-K class, a computer lab and a new kitchen with two serving lines.

Broadview now has 14 classroom teachers as well as an art teacher, a music teacher, a P.E. teacher, a librarian, a speech/language teacher, and a special education teacher.

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