be a daddy
What better way to celebrate Father’s Day than by being a “dad” and sponsoring one of Animal Harbor's homeless "babies"  at the shelter.
A donation of $45 will provide food and health care for an abandoned pet to ensure it has the best chance of finding a new home.
Everyone is urged to visit the shelter and walk a dog or play with a cat, donate, and have a picture taken for Animal Harbor's "My Heart Belongs to Daddy" post on Facebook.
Anyone can also donate as a gift for Father's Day. Donors will receive a photo and pet description for a keepsake.
Choose from these deserving pets:
Penguin is an adorable ten-month-old black and white tuxedo cat.
 Penguin loves to sit in the window perch and watch everything around him, however, he is a bit sad these days because his brothers have been adopted and he is the only kitten left of his litter mates. 
Most likely due to the stress of being in a shelter environment as a growing kitten, Penguin has developed a chronic intestinal issue that causes him to need special food that can be rather expensive for a shelter.
 A pledge to Penguin would assure he gets the proper nutrition he needs before he goes into his forever home where we hope the condition will improve significantly with loving care and a peaceful environment.
Brand new to our facility just this week are one-week-old kittens, Astra, Nova, and Phoenix that were rescued by Town and Country Vet and a local cop. 
It was discovered that just days after their birth, their mother did not produce any milk for the kittens to nurse. 
With the help of their new momma cat Chaquida, these babies are having their first milk meal at the harbor!
. These guys ask for a pledge so they can be given all the things a kitten needs to thrive: quality food, interactive toys, flea and tick prevention, vaccinations, and of course a spay/neuter operation. 
Gloria is a seven-month-old gray tabby cat with a sweet demeanor. 
Gloria came to the harbor with a significant upper respiratory infection, and unfortunately has not been able to kick the infection, even after multiple vet visits and several rounds of antibiotic treatments. 
Because Gloria has been sick since her arrival, she has been in medical quarantine, and has not had the opportunity to be adopted or moved to a community room to socialize with people or other cats. 
Gloria would love to be well enough to be adopted, so she asks graciously for a pledge to provide special accommodations (food, calming essential oils, fluffy bed, etc.) to make her stay in quarantine more pleasant while she heals.
Twelve-week-old puppies Gretel, Kurt, Liesel, Brigitta, and Fredrick arrived at the shelter incredibly frightened and full of intestinal parasites. 
Rescued by Midtown Veterinary staff, after being told by a woman that she witnessed them being thrown out of a moving vehicle, this litter of puppies has been called our “miracle pups”. 
After just two weeks at the shelter, they are gaining confidence, running around in their kennel, and finally feel like they are safe and protected. 
These guys ask for a pledge so they can be given all the things a pup needs to thrive: quality food, interactive toys, flea and tick prevention, puppy vaccinations, and of course a spay/neuter operation!
Benard is a 1-year-old beagle that came into our facility with a skin condition which caused his skin to be inflamed with red patches and severe itching. 
Upon medical assessment, he was determined to have demodectic mange. 
Benard is undergoing treatment in medical quarantine currently, and we hope that soon he can go outside and play and gain confidence so he can become adoptable.
In order to become adoptable, Benard needs high quality food, medications, vaccinations, and neutering. Can you help provide this for him, so he can move from isolation to his forever home?