Brent Moon

Brent Moon

The Franklin County Sheriff’s Office, in conjunction with the Murfreesboro Police Department and Rutherford County Sheriff’s Office, arrested murder suspect Brent Moon Tuesday.

Authorities had been attempting to locate the Tullahoma resident who was a person of interest in a homicide that occurred at 1356 Pleasant Grove Road, Estill Springs, on Saturday at about 5 p.m.

Sgt. Chris Guess, FCSO public information officer, said Moon was arrested in Murfreesboro.

FCSO reports say deputies stated that Moon appeared at the Pleasant Grove Road residence and asked to speak to the victim, James Eric Hanger.

Reports further state that Moon is suspected of entering the residence, and after a short time, two unidentified black males also entered, wearing all-black clothing and black masks.

Witness accounts state that one of the suspects held a gun and started to demand money, reports said, adding that an argument ensued.

Witnesses said a struggle began for control of the weapon, and the man holding it fired a round, striking Hanger, reports said. All three suspects then fled the area, reports said.

When deputies and medical personnel arrived at the scene, they determined Hanger did not survive the injuries, reports said.

The Sheriff’s Office then attempted to locate Moon, and an active warrant for first-degree murder had been issued along with advisories that he should not be approached by civilians, reports said.