Stanley Bean

Stanley Bean

Director of Schools Stanley Bean asked the Board of Education at its Feb. 11 meeting if it would extend his contract another two years.

Bean, a long-term employee with the school system, was hired as director of schools in 2017 when former Director Dr. Amie Lonas’ contract had expired that year on June 30 when she moved on to another position.

Bean’s contract was renewed for two additional years on May 14, 2018.

He told the board on Feb. 11 that although his current contract is good for the school year, time is slipping away, and he’d like to have the contract renewal process voted on at the board’s March 9 meeting.

“I’d like to get it out of the way,” he said.

Bean’s most recent evaluation was in September 2019, and he received high marks from board members who were critiquing his job performance.

The board gave him excellent to outstanding marks in his annual evaluation.

Categories evaluated included job performance, student achievement, relationships with personnel and staff, and relationships with the community.

The information was ranked on a 0-4 scale with 0 being unacceptable, 1 being in need of improvement, 2 being good, 3 being excellent, and 4 being outstanding.

Board members ranked his performance in all categories between 3 and 4 — excellent and outstanding.

Bean received the highest average marks for relationships with the community, a 3.33, and was equal in the three other categories with a 3.17 in each.

The results were calculated based on input from six of the eight school board members. The board had two vacancies when the evaluation process started, and Caycee Roberts and Sarah Marhevsky were appointed later to fill the positions.

In the community category where Bean excelled the most, the standard emphasizes the skills necessary to establish effective two-way communications and engagement with students, staff, parents, media and the community as a whole.

It also stresses responding to community feedback and building community support and engagement with the district.

The board’s comments in the category were:

▪ “Director Bean demonstrates a willingness and ability to work with other agencies in local government that is essential to the success of the school system.”

▪ “Stanley has a good working relationship with our county commissioners and county sheriff. He is embedded in our community. He promotes parent and community involvement. He has a positive relationship with the media and keeps the community informed regarding school-related activities.”

In the job-performance category, the standard requires the director of schools to gather and analyze data for decision-making and for making recommendations to the board.

It stresses the skills necessary to meet internal and external customer expectations and to effectively allocate resources.

The job performance bracket also focuses on developing and monitoring long-range plans for school district technology and information systems, making informed decisions about computer hardware and software, and staff development and training needs.

It also involves demonstrating knowledge of school facilities and developing a process that builds internal and public support for facility needs, including bond issues.

The category also focuses on establishing procedures and practices for dealing with emergencies, such as weather, threats to the school, student violence and trauma.

Board comments about Bean’s overall job performance included:

● “Stanley possesses knowledge of our school facilities. He has done an outstanding job building internal and public support for our building program and bond issue. He continues to support our one to one technology initiative for all students. He also has a good relationship with the supervisors, principals, and teachers that enables him to get input for decision making.”

● “Mr. Bean does an excellent job of monitoring school system needs. His decisions regarding emergencies are both timely and appropriate. Public support of system’s needs could be improved.”

● “The Board needs to be involved in the establishment and understanding of the entire budget process. They also need to be kept up to date if changes are made to the budget, salaries, purchases, etc. This is a difficult issue and the director and board need to be thoroughly involved.

“Discussion only in a board meeting is difficult to understand the importance of a budget. Work together for common goal and common good.

“The board needs to help the director in every way possible. The director has done an excellent job in his understanding of the budget in a short period of time.”

The student-achievement standard emphasizes the skills required to ensure that the most effective teaching techniques are in place and all instructional resources are used to maximize student achievement.

Board comments included:

● “Mr. Bean encourages and supports student achievement throughout the system.”

● “He makes training available for staff members to incorporate effective teaching techniques to promote student achievement. Stanley has implemented the STREAM concept to also support achievement. The addition of our STEM Team is definitely an asset to support our instruction and student learning.”

The category for relationships with staff and personnel requires skills in developing and implementing a staff-evaluation system. It also requires skills in applying ethical, contractual and legal requirements for personnel selection, development, retention, promotion and dismissal.

The board’s comments were:

● “Mr. Bean communicates with board members regularly through email, individual conferences, and scheduled meetings. He is always willing to discuss and/or research concerns. When needed, he seeks legal counsel to avoid liabilities. He continues to build good moral across the system.”

● “Mr. Bean encourages a strong relationship with board members and with all system personnel. The use of legal counsel in governance and procedures is strongly encouraged.”

● “Director Bean delegates authority and supports his staff in a positive manner. School Board members are informed of issues concerning the school system in a proficient manner.”