Emergency Services Board Smith pic

Emergency Services Board members address paramedic Ben Smith, owner of the Franklin County based A&E Emergency Services LLC, at Tuesday night’s meeting. A&E was named as the top choice to be the main provider for EMS services in Franklin County. The County Commission will consider the board's decision and make the final decision at its meeting on Monday.


County Commission to decide Monday

After a week of carefully examining proposals submitted by three prospective ambulance services, the Franklin County Emergency Services Board has named Winchester-based A&E Emergency Services LLC as its official top recommendation to be the county’s new EMS provider.

The recommendation will be considered by the full Franklin County Commission in its regular June meeting Monday at 7 p.m.

A&E Emergency Services LLC provides non-emergency and convalescent ambulance services to Franklin County, and occasionally provides emergency ambulance services when requested to transfer patients from Southern Tennessee Regional Health System to hospitals outside the county.

Franklin County’s current 911 emergency ambulance service provider is American Medical Response. AMR was selected by the board’s voting members to be the second recommendation to the County Commission if negotiations fall through with the board’s first choice.

Though the board was tasked with vetting and choosing a candidate and has named its recommendation, the matter is now in the hands of the County Commission for an official vote.

Seven total board members voted for their first- and second-choice recommendations.

The following members voted for A&E Emergency Services LLC as their first choice and AMR as their second choice — Board Chairman and County Mayor David Alexander, Sheriff Tim Fuller, Tommy Myers, Gerald Smith, EMA and Rescue Director Scott Smith and Blake Stephens.

Board member and County Commissioner Carolyn Montoye-Wiseman cast the sole vote to name AMR ambulance service as her first choice and A&E Emergency Services as her second choice.

The votes were tallied, and A&E emerged as the board’s overwhelming first choice to recommend to the County Commission.

Ben Smith, paramedic and owner of A&E, expressed gratitude to the Emergency Services Board following the conclusion of the important meeting.

“I am humbled and honored for their vote of confidence,” Smith said.

He added that A&E looks forward to serving the people of Franklin County as their EMS and non-emergency ambulance service provider.

AMR representatives present at the meeting declined to comment.