Litter talk

The Franklin County Health Department hosted its Healthy Horizons event Friday at the football field by the Annex Building. The event was meant to inspire fourth graders in local schools to be more active and to do things to help their local area. Fourth graders from Cowan Elementary, Clark Memorial Elementary and Decherd Elementary were in attendance. Attractions included representatives from Franklin County Solid Waste Management and the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office talking to attendees about the benefits of recycling and cleaning up trash.


Bunny Hawkersmith, owner of Bunny’s Gym in Winchester, lets attendees at the Healthy Horizons event take a swing at a practice dummy Friday.

Tossing hoops

Attendees at the Healthy Horizons event Friday play a game in which they attempt to toss a hoop over a safety cone. The game was one of many meant to inspire students at the event to be active in their everyday lives.

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