While life came to a standstill for many Franklin County residents due to heavy snow conditions last week, children near North High Street in Winchester are shown making happy memories by sledding down North Vine Street.


Heavy snowfall on Feb. 17 caused near-whiteout conditions and made driving treacherous for Winchester motorists. However, only a few days later, spring-like conditions returned to the area. 

Sledding party

Abby Downey, age 9, from left, 8-year-old Ada Hone, 13-year-old Robert Downey Jr. and 5-year-old KayMari DeLuca, on sled, don’t let a heavy snowfall get in the way of having fun.

Ellie Bice

Young Ellie Bice gives it her all while sledding downhill at 106 Sharp Springs Road in Winchester.

Blanket snow

It only took 15 minutes for the wet, heavy snow from Winter Storm Dan to blanket side streets in Winchester.

Snow angels and snowballs

Kylie Langford, from left, Kendall Langford and Ellie Bice enjoy the snow first-hand from making a move toward creating snow angels to gearing up for a snowball fight.

Hayley Seals

Hayley Seals, age 9 from Estill Springs, experiences what a novelty snow in southern Middle Tennessee is, up to and including creating a life-like snowman as shown in the below photo. She was aided in the effort by her father, Jeremiah Seals.

Seals snowman

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