Post 44 Commander Ray Cobb, left, and National Commander Paul Dillard prepare for a recent interview on WZYX Radio 1440 AM before going on the air for 50 minutes. During the interview, Dillard revealed he was on the road for more than 340 days per year handling Legion-related issues. 

American Legion National Commander Paul Dillard visited Winchester on Oct. 28, and several members of area American Legion posts came to the city to meet him.

"We had members from Chattanooga, Jasper, Tullahoma, Pulaski and Fayetteville to meet the national commander and to hear his direction and leadership for the Legion in 2021 and 2022," Post 44 Commander Ray Cobb said.

Several city and county officials, along with members of the Chamber of Commerce and representative Amy Dennis from Congressman Scott Desjarlais’ office, attended the event.  

Dillard spoke on his agenda of the CARE Act, which is now in Congress.  This will allow all WWII veterans to become a part of the Veterans Administration medical system.

Congress in the past made it available for Revolutionary War, War of 1812 and Civil War veterans. 

Dillard also stated he would like to see the buddy-check system applied to the VA medical team.  This is where each veteran under U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs medical care would receive a phone call once a month to check on their wellbeing.  

After viewing and visiting Post 44, Dillard proceeded to WZYX 1440 Radio where he was interviewed live on the air by Alan Clark, Jeff Pennington and Cobb.

Upon completion of the interview, Dillard was given a police escort by the Franklin County Sheriff's Office and American Legion Riders to Manchester where he had a luncheon and visit scheduled.