The City of Winchester Parks and Recreation Aquatics Department is offering lifeguard training classes next month at the David R. Bean Winchester Swimplex.

The classes will be held March 16-21 and consist of 27 hours of classroom and pool work. Students are taught lifesaving skills, cardiopulmonary resuscitation, first aid, automated external defibrillation and oxygen administration.

After registration and prior to the class, participants are encouraged to use the pool to practice for lifeguard training.

The pool will be available anytime there is a public swim at no charge to the lifeguard-training participants.

Register in person at the Winchester Swimplex. Cost is $175, which includes a whistle, fanny pack and pocket mask. The fee is due in full at the time of registration with payment of check or cash accepted.

For more information, call the Winchester Swimplex at 931-962-4204.