Big Ben Show

Moore County fourth-grade teacher Benji Garland understands the importance of preserving and sharing memories.

With that goal in mind, Garland created his podcast, “The Big Ben Show,” to help capture the wonderful stories and memories of the citizens of historic Lynchburg.

Garland uses his platform to interview citizens of Moore County, and in the process, he says it provides him with the opportunity to build special bonds with the people in his community through the power of storytelling and the sharing of untold wisdom.

“I had a lot of questions about people from around town that I wanted to ask,” Garland said. “I wanted to have conversations with them, and I knew that by doing a podcast, I could get them to tell their stories.”

A few podcast episodes later, Garland realized he was creating his own journal and that his guests were a part of his special journey.

Garland’s project has required many hours of work and collaboration. And the end result is something he is extremely proud to call his own.

As a result, he is quick to encourage others to pursue their aspirations wholeheartedly.

“I got started with two cheap USB microphones and my computer,” Garland said.

He advises anyone interested in doing their own podcast to do their research first and pursue what works best for them.

“Do not immediately expect perfection because growth is essential,” he adds.

Garland credits his show’s success in great part to his team of cohosts which includes Stephanie Gerena, Tyler Walls, Garrett Jennings, Lee Huffer and Bradly Dye.

“These guys add their own character to the show and do so much off the show that people do not see,” he said.

Garland also appreciates the many amazing guests who have appeared to share what he says are the greatest gifts we can give to another person.

“Their stories are accounts of the lessons we have learned and the changes we have made,” he said.

To become involved and support "The Big Ben Show," visit the podcast’s Facebook page and listen to Garland’s episodes through platforms such as Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify and Stitcher. Be sure to check out Garland’s most recent podcast interview with Billy Hix at the Barrel House BBQ.