Winchester is getting a new wood chipper to help with a brush buildup problem stemming from recent storms and to save on debris-disposal costs.

The City Council unanimously approved at its May 12 meeting to spend $62,500 to buy the chipper after one recently broke down after several storms had plagued the area.

Public Works Director Stuart Knapper said the city had opted to use dump trucks due to having only one of the city’s two chippers in service in an attempt to handle recent storm debris.

He added that the annual disposal cost without having an adequate number of wood chippers in service could total $25,000 annually.

“I would really appreciate it if you would do something about it,” he said, referring to getting a new wood chipper.

City Councilman Willie Womack said the city has chippers break down more than they should, and it’s probably due to inexperienced employees operating the equipment.

He suggested that they go through training to learn to better operate the equipment to avoid costly repairs.

Mayor Terry Harrell advised Knapper to follow Womack’s suggestion, and Knapper agreed that he would and those who operate wood chippers will have the proper trainin