Polly Hughes

Cowan resident Polly Hughes celebrates her 100th birthday on Monday at the Old Mill Manor Restaurant in Winchester.

Polly Hughes of Cowan celebrated a century of living life to the fullest with a birthday celebration among family and friends on Monday at the Old Mill Manor Restaurant in Winchester.

While not one to embrace being the center of attention, as Polly was while surrounded by 100 red roses and several Mylar balloons, she definitely delighted in socializing with family, friends and neighbors at the distinguished old manor turned restaurant.

Her neighbor, Jean Anderton, said of Polly, “Oh, she’s just an energizer bunny! She still does everything!”

Some of Polly’s favorite activities include having her hair styled, talking to neighbors and playing bridge with friends. With excellent eyesight and hearing, Polly has no obstacle to prevent her from driving.

In fact, she recently renewed her driver’s license for another few years.

“I told them at the driver’s license place that I probably wouldn’t be back,” she joked. “But I might.”

Polly’s days are full. Her typical to-do list during the week might include such things as walking her Yorkshire terrier, a trip to the beauty shop or shopping before returning home to cook and get ready for her nightly game of bridge with close friends.

Polly lives next door to her little brother, William Caperton, who turned 95 on July 20. He also celebrated his big day in a fun way with a fish fry shindig among family and friends.

Polly noted that William tends to keep busy also.  

“He was mowing his yard when I passed by earlier this morning while I was walking my dog,” she said.

Polly and William grew up in the country and learned all about hard work early on.

Their parents, the late Mr. and Mrs. Tom Caperton, owned a large farm in the Keith Cove area of Franklin County near Cowan. No doubt, the Caperton’s four children, three daughters and a son, had plenty of farm chores. Polly and William are the last living in the family.

“My older sister died a day before turning 100,” Polly said.

After a busy career and retirement from her human resources business in Nashville, “Polly Hughes Personnel,” she moved back home to Cowan where she enjoyed running an antique store for a few years.

Polly is well known and admired in Cowan and is now a real sensation and idol to look up to at 100 years young and going strong. For her the old saying, “You’re only as old as you feel” rings true.

“Just don’t believe it when people tell you I’m 100,” Polly suggested. “I don’t believe it. But I think everybody in Cowan already knows it by now.”

When pressed for a possible secret to longevity, Polly said, “I’d say it’s just good genes—and luck and enjoying life and being around people. Life is just more meaningful with people.”