Drug court

The AM Rotary Club’s guest speakers for the April 25 meeting were 12th Judicial District Drug Court Director Ron Bailey, left, and Franklin County Sheriff Tim Fuller, center. At right is Rotary President-Elect Dieter Nowak, sponsor of the guest speakers.

Ron Bailey, 12th judicial district drug court director, spoke to the Franklin County AM Rotary Club at their regular meeting on April 25 at SUNRISE (The Breakfast Place) in Decherd.

Bailey, who was joined by Franklin County Sheriff Tim Fuller, covered the efforts of the Drug Court and recovery programs in attacking the opioid crisis in the 12th District of Franklin, Grundy, Marion, Rhea and Sequatchie counties. Bledsoe County is also in the district, he noted, but does not have a drug court.

Sheriff Fuller applauded the efforts of both the Drug Court and recovery programs in combating the problems and trauma associated with those in recovery from drug-related crime.

Bailey said, “There’s no age limit to this problem. We have seen kids as young as eight years old with a drug problem and as old as 37.”

Noting that the crisis is also a mental health issue, Bailey broke down the federal and state budgets aimed at reducing the issues.

“There’s $2.7 million dollars in the state budget as proposed by Governor Bill Lee just for this effort,” Bailey said.

Fuller described what he called “The Package,” which is the process of helping those in the rehab program not only beat the addiction, but provide assistance in managing money, setting up a trust fund for them and managing their time.

Fuller said, “These people don’t know how to be successful, so the package not only gets them through the drug rehabilitation, but teaches them life skills and how to manage their time, also. So, the Drug Court and the re-entry program address these two avenues to help people be successful.”

Rotary President-Elect Dieter Nowak sponsored the guest speakers.