Highway 64 Mingo Road wreck pic

First responders attend to a car in a ditch after it slid off of Highway 64 near Mingo Road Thursday. Rainy weather in the area is believed to have been a possible contributing factor in the one-vehicle accident.

Rainy weather may have been a contributing factor in a one-vehicle accident on Highway 64 near Mingo Road Thursday.

The vehicle was apparently traveling southwest when it slid off of the right-hand side of the highway before coming to a stop in a ditch.

Responding agencies included the Winchester Fire Department, the Franklin County Sheriff’s Department and AMR Ambulance Service.

Though the vehicle itself sustained moderate damage, the driver appeared to have suffered no serious injuries. The accident caused no traffic delays for area motorists.

According to the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration, the first 10 minutes after rainfall begins is an extremely dangerous time for those traveling on streets, roads and highways.

Fresh rainfall can create dangerous driving conditions as the rain mixes with oil from vehicles and the oil present in new asphalt to create slippery road surfaces.